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Chairman's Message

Retired Bishop Gary Nelson

The Missions to Seafarers North West Australia Ltd (the Company) aims to provide a governance model that will enhance the faithful and committed service of all who are involved in our missions.

The Company’s oversight will enable those in our centres to be more focussed on our vision and objectives.

May I encourage you to become a gospel partner by joining the Company and sharing in this amazing ministry, whose impact is truly global.

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Bishop Gary Nelson

Meet the Board Members

Captain Lindsay Copeman

Captain Lindsay Copeman

Graeme White

Graeme White
B.E., Post Grad. Dip. Theol.

Stefanus Strydom

Stefanus Strydom

B.E., Dip.Eng, MIEAST

Frank Nicol

Frank Nicol
B.Mar., BEnvSc., Dip.Ed., MDiv

Wayne Sutton

Wayne Sutton
Cert. Acc., PTC

Paul S_edited.jpg

The Venerable Paul Spackman
Vicar General, B.E, B.D.

Garry Hamersley

Garry Hamersley
Retired Naval Officer

Meet the Executive

Khim Harris

Dr Khim Harris, Acting CEO
B.Sc., Ph.D., Dip. Ed., Dip. Div., Dip. Bus.


20 years senior management experience, in the government, not-for-profit, and for-purpose sectors. Currently: Registrar or General Manager of the Diocese of North West Australia.

Pieter Overmeire

Pieter Overmeire, Treasurer
Certified Public Accountant


Experienced accountant and business manager in the not-for-profit sector plus systems developer for large corporations. Currently: Financial Officer, Diocese of North West Australia.

   The Company President

Darrell Portrait_edited_edited.png

The Right Reverend Darrell Parker
Bishop of North West Australia

Image of water inlet North West Western Australia
Diocese logo.png
Anglican Diocese
North West Australia

Mission to Seafarers North West Australia is part of the Anglican Diocese of North West Australia.

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