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Mission to Seafarers Port Walcott is a not for profit welfare charity supporting merchant crews servicing Port Walcott. Our mission work seeks to care for seafarers in every way, including spiritual, physical and emotional support. 


We seek to support the welfare and treatment of all seafarers calling to Port Walcott through a range of services. These are;

Chaplaincy services

Our Transit and Centre Officer (John) is available to offer friendly conversation with any crew members who would like to talk. It doesn’t have to be a religious chat, although this is ok too. The centre has free Bibles (in various languages) to pass on to crew if this is wanted. He could talk about anything such as life at sea, family, or work. It doesn't have to be a deep conversation. We find seafarers greatly appreciate the opportunity to speak to someone new, even if it is just about the weather!

Transport and Shore Leave

Shore leave is permitted in Australia and seafarers are entitled to access Seafarers Centres. Companies are responsible for crew health, safety, and wellbeing. Shore leave and access to shore-based welfare facilities is key to seafarer physical and mental health recovery and reduces risks of fatigue. We would like to assist crew in taking shore leave and bring them to our Centre  to provide a place where seafarers can find rest and recreation in a supportive and relaxed environment.


This service is for vessels calling to Dampier and Walcott ports. It's our Shop-2-Ship service, or a 'Click & Deliver' type of service. This was born out of the last few years when crew were not able to come ashore, or visits could not happen onboard. Our preference is for shore leave, but this is still a great option to get those few treats to crew if that cannot come off. 

Crew can order grocery items, souvenirs, vitamins, clothing, etc from our shop, and we will deliver them to the vessel when berthed. SIMs and recharges are also available. 

If any crew would like to make a private order, >this< is the page to access the forms to use. Please complete it and return to the Centre ( ideally a few weeks before arrival in port. 

Also our >SIM Order Form< can be used to order SIM Cards + Recharges if required. (We cannot supply Telstra SIM cards unfortunately). 

Our Centre

The Centre provides a space where seafarers can sit and relax, enjoying some complimentary light refreshments. We also provides free Wi-Fi connection for visiting Seafarers. Close by to the centre, seafarers will find the local supermarket for any groceries and a bar to enjoy food and drink.

Main photo above - Aerial photo of one of the two large wharfs that services Port Walcott.

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